About Us

It’s simple: not one baby is the same… just as every pregnancy is experienced differently. I tried to educate myself by reading a few books on motherhood, but I quickly stopped when I was stunned to read so many commonplaces and inapplicable generalities. Even though these books were very well intentioned, I never managed to find my way around! My only advice: motherly instinct. You and only you know what is good for your child. And if you have any doubts, ask me for advice! I probably went through the same issues as you did. Here is my story.

A pregnancy under close supervision

I had a very delicate pregnancy with many medical appointments throughout these 9 months. But I really experienced the after-birth period as a crossing of the desert! Fortunately, my lovely midwife came to see us at home, and I had a very good gynecological follow-up afterwards (because of my caesarean section). This allowed me to ask my questions without waiting too long. As for the baby’s follow-up, the first appointment with the pediatrician seems very quick and none of my personal issues were addressed. For this very reason, I decided to create this blog as a way to unite new or future moms!

The constant worry

I am not a particularly concerned person, but every day brings with it concerns and questions about my daughter. Many people think that my job as a nurse allows me to take a step back from this… It’s true and false at the same time! I tend to rationalize most of the little scratches of everyday life, yet I can’t help but worry at the slightest cough, spike in fever, etc. A baby doesn’t talk, and has only one mode of expression during the first few months: crying! It can be stressful not knowing how to interpret them.

Unlimited patience

A pacifier that will fall out of bed 4 times in the night, a toy that will make the same music several hours in a row… There’s no need to say, having a child is also putting your nerves to the test! I’ve always had great patience (I usually say it’s one of my rare qualities!) but having a child will undoubtedly have exacerbated this trait.

No guilt in taking some time alone

I’m one of those people who think you need to spend some time alone, or with your partner, to recharge the batteries and know how to take better care of your baby afterwards. I often say that I’m taking care of myself so I can take better care of her. Of course I miss my baby whenever I’m away from him… But I’ve learned to cultivate these little periods of separation to make the reunion even better. It is one of our secrets as a couple to find each other again in peace and quiet.